[mythtv] Commflag problems with recent SVN

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sat Sep 17 01:51:35 UTC 2005

> I have SVN from about two weeks ago (7206 IIRC) and I'm getting the 
> following log on the backend with -v commflag.

Not recent enough. :)  I put in a fix in SVN a few days ago to catch
this scenario and print out some more debug into to see if we can
figure out why this is happening.  For some reason mythcommflag
can't create the ringbuffer (so NuppelVideoPlayer is trying to create
its own with the 'output.nuv' filename).  Let me know if this is still
happening with current SVN and provide the extra logging it gives and
I'll look into it more.  If you can reproduce and can see where it's
hanging up and not creating the ringbuffer, please let me know.
Some users were able to replicate the problem even running mythcommflag
from the command-line prior to my recent changes, but I haven't heard
any bugreports since the patch when in earlier this week.

> Aby ideas? Is it best to update to current SVN before pointing out 
> issues like this?! I haven't noticed anything on the commits list that 
> loks (to my untrained eye) like it would affect commflagging.

This was the commit log referencing "out of memory errors" since there
were some weird things going on because of some missing error
checking in the code.


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