[mythtv] Simplifying the instalation? (everyone wants that!)- ideas for thought

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Sep 16 18:30:14 UTC 2005

Buzz wrote:

>>LIRC won't do any good on a backend.  LIRC is for controlling the frontend (i.e. for controlling the playback of recordings/execution of plugins).  The user doesn't interact with the backend--instead he/she interacts with a frontend ("the" frontend (mythfrontend) or MythWeb or something), > which interacts with the backend.
>LIRC won't do any good on a backend?   Um... What about all those LIRC
>controlled IR transmitters that send signals to the cable/satellite boxes
>plugged into the backend ?     Aren't they controlled through lircd(backend)
>talking to/from other lircd's(frontend/s) though the network?  
Well, since your original post--which you've kindly cut out--said:

> 2) single backend system  - 
> backend+tuners+lirc+database+web+filesystem all
> on one host.  "basic" frontend on other host/s (as many as desired, often
> just one) running GUI/mythfrontend+plugins only. 

Which implies that LIRC is not required on the frontend 
("GUI/mythfrontend+plugins only"), I wanted to point out the fact that 
LIRC is required on the frontend for controlling the Myth box.  Perhaps 
I should have said, "LIRC won't do as much good if /only/ on the backend."

Since everyone who wants remote control of Myth will require LIRC on the 
frontend for receiving signals, and relatively few (literally 
"relatively few"--meaning a much smaller number than the number who need 
LIRC on the frontend) people require LIRC on the backend for 
transmitting signals, the configuration I mentioned would be much more 
common than the one you mentioned.  (Yes, I'll admit that I use LIRC on 
the backend to change channels, but I still believe that many more 
people use internal tuners than use external receivers controlled via IR.)

If you now want to talk about different configurations for *external* 
(=not a part of Myth) channel changing support, we also need to talk 
about firewire, direct serial link (i.e. as on some DirecTV receivers), 
some are working on (using?) USB connections, ...

So, are you starting to see why, when you start talking about all the 
possible configurations of Myth with non-Myth stuff, it's impossible to 
document them all?

>>>What about a Wizard configuration tool?... (for common configurations)
>>That sounds a lot like the KnoppMyth installer to me... (http://www.mysettopbox.tv/knoppmyth.html 
>Isn't KnoppMyth a "full distribution" though?  I thought there'd be a bunch
>of people out there who don't want the distribution, but DO want a simpler
>way to get it to work?    ...
Yes.  KnoppMyth is a full distribution, but the only thing worse than 
attempting to document all the possible configurations of Myth including 
external components/dependencies is trying to write a 
script/tool/wizard/whatever that automatically sets it up on *any* 
existing (and--usually--very, very different) distributions.

Ever notice why console games just work, but yet people spend forever 
installing, configuring, and fixing PC games?  Wonder why that is?  It's 
because a console game is created for a single known configuration--with 
no external factors to influence it (well, at least until XBox 360--with 
or without hard drive, with DVD or with HD-DVD, etc., but that's a 
different story :)--and includes an entire "distribution" (the only 
program "installed" is the game it's currently playing).  KnoppMyth is 
the console version of Myth (but, unfortunately, doesn't have a single 
hardware configuration to work with; however, they've done a great job 
of working around that issue).

I'm not saying that your enthusiasm isn't appreciated.  I'm only 
suggesting that you apply your time and effort to making KnoppMyth 
better as opposed to trying to re-invent the wheel.  If, in fact, you 
have a plan for making something better than KnoppMyth, by all means, 
please work on it.  But, you're likely to find it's a very complex 
problem to solve.  And, IMHO, there's nothing wrong with making people 
"earn" their Myth boxes by doing a bit of research and learning how Myth 
works.  :)


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