[mythtv] MythGame - Gathering metadata using crc's

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Fri Sep 16 14:10:36 UTC 2005

> void NES_Meta(QString CRC32, QString* GameTitle, QString* Genre, 
>                          int* Year, QString* Country)
<-- SNIP --> 

> and that's what I'm wondering. What method are you using to determine
> the data? Are you building a database, or is there a website or

 I've gone over several scenarios now, and looked at a couple of 
different projects and honestly I've yet to find anything I really like.

 At this point I'm likely going to write a simple tool to parse the xmame
xml info about all of it's roms and use those as the meta data source.
Overall it seems to fit what I'm looking for the most, unfortunately
there doesn't seem to be any one project/database/source that contains
it all.   

> service that holds such a database? If you're building it, I imagine
> that will take an exceedingly long time given the thousands of games.

 With some gametypes getting information directly from the rom can provide
items like Year of release, Software maker, country of release but no genre.

> Just curious to the state of this so that I can see if there is any
> way I can help. I'd love to see this in action someday.

 In Mid July I hacked up a simple php/mysql setup for storing the info if
I do decide to make my own.   Using things like Tosec, xmames info, and 
the GoodUtils data files you could get a pretty good start on it.  

 And generating a "datfile" from that database would be trivial.

 Here are a couple screenshots of what I did just as a basic interface 
to the database.


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