[mythtv] Marvel Gigabit Ethernet support in next KnoppMyth?

Brian McEntire brian.mcentire at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 04:00:49 UTC 2005

I tried booting the frontend off the R5A16 KnoppMyth CD. My Gb Ethernet card 
(Marvel) isn't supported. I'm trying to rig this up as a diskless frontend. 
Will Marvel support be in the next release? Is there anything I can do to 
help that happen?

I suspect, though I haven't tried, that there is support for this onboard 
ethernet card in recent kernels. Is there an easy way to supply external 
drivers to the R5A16 CD during the boot process, in an automated way? 
(Something like putting the kernel module on a diskette or USB drive?)

Thanks for your great work on MythTV!!
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