[mythtv] Suggestion for improving SLOW channel changing inLiveTV.....

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Fri Sep 9 17:48:28 UTC 2005

On Fri, 9 Sep 2005, Pascal Favre wrote:

> I never use LiveTV because changing channels are to slow.
> I suggest to have an option for 'fast-changing-channels' where the input is 
> immediately directed to the output for the specific amount of time (say 1 
> minute).
> This allows fast changing channels.
> After this time the normal LiveTV behaviour starts, but we still keep 
> receiving the currently received input data.
> The first time we halt or rewind to move over to the ringbuffer behaviour.
> About the option when provided in seconds: 0 = normal LiveTV behaviour, >0 = 
> seconds to start LiveTV behaviour.
> Just an idea. When implemented I will use LiveTV.
> Pascal
 	That sounds similar to what I was suggesting.  I don't see why 
there needs to be an element of time involved though... just keep on 
displaying realtime data until there's a reason not to.  Hit pause and 
there's a bit of lag while the display transitions from raw capture to 
decoded ringbuffer.  From then-on, it's ringbuffer until you change 

 	Interesting to hear that the ivtv drivers allow for simultaneous 
raw and encoded data.  I wasn't sure if the hardware could transfer both 
at the same time over the PCI bus.  The potential issue with this solution 
would be the increase in PCI bus traffic.  If two or three bttv-based 
cards can already exist in one system, though, this would be easier than 



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