[mythtv] Question: Mythcommflag/FFMpeg - Multi-CPU/Multi-Core/Multi-threading

Blammo blammo.doh at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 19:15:50 UTC 2005

One of my friends owns and operates a web hosting company. He uses
some substantial hardware, and has his myth cluster in the rack beside
his web hosting machines.

One of his web servers, a 8-cpu, dual-core (yes, that's 16 CPU's)
Operton server now helps with commerical flagging at night (when web
duties are very light) but even with that much horsepower, it's only
flagging a single program per CPU. And a seriously doubt he'll ever
have 16 programs to flag all at once.

He's asked me, and now I humbly ask thee, oh great and powerful developers.....

How difficult, has there been any thought/work/etc, into making
mythcommflag multi-threaded? Something like a command-line for number
of threads, etc, would allow it to even be tested on single cpu
machines. With the growing popularity of Pentium-D's and AMD x2's,
being able to commflag in half or even 60% of the time would be
beneficial and appreciated.

Now obviously it would benefit those with access to XX CPU machines
more than others, but most of us don't have a datacenter in our
garage. :)

And, is anyone aware of a multi-core happy version of ffmpeg? that
would help transcoding happen more-better-quicker as well. In fact, it
should be theoretically possible to both comm-flag and transcode in
next-to-real-time on the server above, according to my paper-napkin

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