[mythtv] [PATCH] adds us-cable-irc frequency table

Christiaan Lutzer mythtv.lutzer at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 16:38:41 UTC 2005

Sweet. I'm in Cambridge MA and have always wondered why 5 (ABC right?) 
doesn't record properly.

On 9/2/05, jrandall at ftrd.us <jrandall at ftrd.us> wrote:
> I have created a patch that adds the "ntsc_irc" table to libs/
> libmythtv/frequencies.c and adds the appropriate setup line to setup/
> backendsettings.cpp so that "us-cable-irc" frequency table can be
> selected in mythtv-setup.
> I am in Cambridge, MA and our Comcast service here is IRC. I have
> seen some other users on the forums having trouble tuning channels 5
> and 6, which probably means they are on IRC as well and with this
> patch can select the IRC table instead of manually editing the
> channels or playing with fine tuning.
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