[mythtv] MythGame - Gathering metadata using crc's

Surye surye80 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 00:36:04 UTC 2005

I noticed the beginnings of code for some kind of ROM lookup based on
crc's. But all of the functions look like this:

void NES_Meta(QString CRC32, QString* GameTitle, QString* Genre, 
                         int* Year, QString* Country)

    *Year = 1970;
    *Country = QObject::tr("Unknown");
    *Genre = QObject::tr("UnknownNES");


I realize this is simply a placeholder for the real, upcoming method,
and that's what I'm wondering. What method are you using to determine
the data? Are you building a database, or is there a website or
service that holds such a database? If you're building it, I imagine
that will take an exceedingly long time given the thousands of games.

Just curious to the state of this so that I can see if there is any
way I can help. I'd love to see this in action someday.


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