[mythtv] Scheduler: Single recording end time changes

Thomas Börkel thomas at boerkel.de
Thu Sep 1 20:57:52 UTC 2005


Bruce Markey wrote:

>> It would be nice to have the option, to make the scheduler still 
>> record a single recording, even if the end time changes.
> I would have liked to reply that the end time doesn't matter. However,
> there was some left over overkill that was, in fact, checking that the
> end time matched. If the the title, station and starttime are all
> the same, it's the same show =). This has been fixed in SVN.


> Also, as mentioned a few days ago there is a new "Not Listed" status
> in SVN for Single rules that no longer match. These are shown on
> your Upcoming Recordings page to warn you that the scheduler didn't
> find a match and isn't planning to record it. This gives you a chance
> to fix the problem if the time changed or they modified the title.

Sound good!



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