[mythtv] How to watch old recordings after upgrading to svn?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Oct 28 18:16:00 EDT 2005

Ashley Bostock wrote:

>I've upgraded from 0.18 fixes branch to svn revision 7626, programs I've
>recorded tonight are playing fine but all old recordings are a bit messed
>Using mythfrontend no 0.18 recorded programs will play and none of them show
>previews in the watch recordings screen, where as all the svn recordings are
>working fine. Using mythweb if I go to the recorded programs page it takes
>about 5mins to show the page and when it does "most" of my old recordings
>are listed under the date of "Thu Jan 1, 1970" and with no preview image. I
>have only 3 out of 29 of the old recordings showing under the correct date
>with a preview.
>I know recordings for dvb are now stored with the mpg extension and in a
>different name format, so do I need to run some form of update script to fix
>up my 0.18 recording names and their db entries?
That's done automatically by Myth when you start the newer version.

Are you running the same version of Myth for the frontend and backend 
and plugins (including MythWeb) (even if it's a combined 
frontend/backend, this could be an issue).


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