[mythtv] mutliple storage directories idea... ?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Oct 25 22:22:10 UTC 2005

Steve Adeff wrote:

>On Tuesday 25 October 2005 16:23, Neil Cronin wrote:
>>On 10/25/05, Kevin Kuphal <kuphal at dls.net> wrote:
>>>Steve Adeff wrote:
>>>>Guys, something that is coming up a lot lately on the users list, mostly
>>>>due to HDTV file sizes, is how to "merge" more than one drive. Right
>>>>now LVM or RAID 0 are the only real options.
>>>>So I'm wondering if any of the dev's have though about allowing for
>>>>mutliple directories for storage, or perhaps using a:
>>>>setup where one could just mount new drives to allow MythTV to increase
>>>>its storage space?
>>>This has been discussed before and I think many agree it would be a
>>>worthwhile idea, it also hasn't gone high enough on anyone's list to
>>>code it probably because LVM does a 'good enough' job of handling this.
>>In addition to LVM, someone wrote a script called "myth balance" (or
>>similar) that runs nightly and moves files over a configured set of
>>devices and then symlinks them back to the /video/ directory.  A
>>clever hack that would probably work for a lot of people.
>yea, this script was brought up, but it seems like a cleaner fix would be to 
>support mutliple directories directly. there have also been recent issues 
>with symlinked files and deleting shows.
The symlinks shouldn't be necessary anymore.  You can create directories 
under your main recordings directory and specify a "basename" that 
includes a subdirectory name.  If these subdirectories are mounted 
filesystems, it would allow you to use multiple drives (or even multiple 
network drives).  So, if the "myth balance" script were updated to 
modify the basename field of the database for the appropriate recording, 
the links wouldn't be necessary.


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