[mythtv] Re: [mythtv-commits] Re: Ticket #512: Chromakey OSD

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Tue Oct 25 03:36:55 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-10-24 at 20:24 -0700, Asher Schaffer wrote:
> On 10/24/05, MythTV <mythtv at cvs.mythtv.org> wrote:
> > #512: Chromakey OSD

> Pretty cool, just started using it on my epia m10k.  One thing I
> noticed is that the positioning is wrong, too far up and to the left. 
> I'm running at 1280x720, maybe it doesn't play well with 16:9? 
> Anyway, it isn't a show stopper for me, I like having a usable color
> osd.

I noticed the positioning problem, but I haven't looked at
why it is happening. I'm more concerned that it appears to
overwrite memory when you switch to "Stretch" mode. Those
two problems may be related though.

It was only a days work, my hope is that Andy or someone else
with the need for this will take it further.

I'm not really considering this for the next release. I'd like
to be able to select different video output methods for different
video streams first. So that you could say use XVideo with kernel
deinterlacing at for NTSC/PAL streams, regular XVideo for a 720p
stream and XvMC w/ChromaKey OSD for a 1080i HDTV stream.

-- Daniel

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