[mythtv] NTP config

Torbjörn Jansson torbjorn.jansson at mbox200.swipnet.se
Sat Oct 22 15:18:24 UTC 2005

mythtv-dev-bounces at mythtv.org <> wrote:
> Rudy Zijlstra wrote:
>> Michael T. Dean wrote:
>>> Rudy Zijlstra wrote:
>>>> In the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany - those i am certain
>>>> of - programs can start more than 20 minutes later than announced.
>>>> Not on all channels, some are worse than others, yet most channels
>>>> are "late" by 23:00 or later. Which is why i am using a hard
>>>> "end-late" setting on all recordings, and enough tuners so that
>>>> recordings do not need to be back-to-back on the same tuner.
>>> Wait a minute...  You're using start early/end late the way they
>>> were designed to be used?  From reading the lists, it seems like you
>>> should be using global pre-/post-roll, instead, and complaining on
>>> the list when it doesn't get the end of your show.  ;)
>>> (Note to anyone reading this:  I'm being sarcastic here. Please, do
>>> /not/ abuse pre-/post-roll and complain to the lists instead of
>>> designing/configuring your system appropriately.  If you use the
>>> system like Rudy does, it works.)
>> I would dearly love to have a global start early / end-late setting,
>> with the scheduler showing the those modified times, yes. Now i have
>> to set them time and again on all recordings...
> Yeah.  There was some talk about recording rule defaults on
> the lists (
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/dev/77459#77459 ), but
> other than initial excitement, it didn't seem to generate enough
> interest for someone to make the patch.  Sounds like that
> would be very
> useful for you.

"Me too" ;-)
I know this is kind of off topic, but if the global pre/post roll setting is
not supposed to be used to add, lets say an extra 5 minutes to all scheduled
recordings, the there definitely should be a new option to globaly add extra
time at the begining/end of all recordings.

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