[mythtv] PiP Aspect Wrong in SVN

Greg Boundy greg at numberoneclient.com.au
Fri Oct 21 05:46:23 UTC 2005


I believe that Myth think the screen is 400mm x 300mm.

I'm not sure how all the parts go together, but it seems that the code
is adjusting for the screen aspect when calculating the size of PiP
window.  Then the PiP image is resized and copied into the main video
image.  Then the combined image is displayed.  It the process of
displaying the combined image, adjustments will be made for the actual
screen dimensions.
So adjusting the PiP window size for the screen, would result in the
screen adjustments being made twice for the PiP window and once for the
main video window.
Is this accurate ?

The original patch in ticket #462 works perfectly and I see no signs of
the issue reference in ticket #500.


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On Fri, 2005-10-21 at 01:15 +1000, Greg Boundy wrote:
> Daniel,
> On startup, the frontend says "Total Desktop Dim: 1024x768 with 1
> Screen[s]" so myth knows the screen resolutions
But what does it think the physical screen dimensions are?

> Now, based on the 26% desired_pipsize, I would have expected the PiP
> window to be 105mm x 60mm.
> Any other thoughts ?
This could be related to ticket #500.

My guess is that MythTV thinks the screen is something like
400mm x 300mm...

-- Daniel

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