[mythtv] regular full CPU load by mysqld if mythbackend is running

Mark Edwards irish at irishmark.co.uk
Wed Oct 19 10:03:45 UTC 2005

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> Hi folks,
> since I use a SVN version with the EIT crawler, the mysqld uses 100%
> CPU from time to time, for ca. 30 seconds. My feeling is also that the
> system becomes somewhat slow during this time, which is annoying.
> This is an Athlon XP 2500+ and I think that an application like
> mythbackend should not cause such a load for a longer period under
> normal conditions. What could be the reason for this? I wonder this
> indicates that my mythconverg DB is somewhat broken, but everything
> else in MythTV is working.

I believe this is due to the EIT requesting large numbers (~30 at a time for
me) of complete reschedules in a short time.
The simplest solution is to comment out the call
"ScheduledRecording::signalChange(-1);" in eithelper.cpp ~line 123
This does mean that schedule changes are not picked up immediately, but
schedule changes are picked up fairly regularly anyway by normal use.


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