[mythtv] Re: [PATCH] Soft padding proof of concept

David Engel gigem at comcast.net
Mon Oct 17 01:30:45 UTC 2005

On Sun, Oct 16, 2005 at 06:25:35PM +1000, David Shirley wrote:
> actually with the current SVN (no soft3.patch) there are no conflicts
> for the back-to-back recordings.

OK.  That can still happen in some other cases, even without soft3.

Since I can't seem to satisfy you all (not you specifically, David), I
feel all I'm doing is wasting my time on a feature I'll never use.  So
I'm going to punt.

The attached patch adds most of the infrastructure for soft padding.
I'd like all of the proponents of soft padding to get together, fill
in Scheduler::AddSoftPadding to your satisfaction and then get back to

David Engel
gigem at comcast.net
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