[mythtv] Re: [mythtv-commits] Re: Ticket #465: Find one showing finds more than one

Ian Caulfield imc25 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Oct 14 17:33:20 UTC 2005

On Fri, 14 Oct 2005, Bruce Markey wrote:

> MythTV wrote:
>> #465: Find one showing finds more than one
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>>  Reporter:  imc25 at cam.ac.uk  |        Owner:  bjm at lvcm.com
>>      Type:  defect              |       Status:  new          Priority: 
>> minor               |    Milestone:              Component:  mythtv 
>> |      Version:               Severity:  medium              | 
>> Resolution: 
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>> Comment (by anonymous):
>>  Here you go. FindOne used to work until recently - I had a successful
>>  FindOne recording on Monday, which didn't keep recording. Can't remember
>>  which svn rev I was running, though...
> No doubt. The mechanism has changed recently and the find parameters
> now need to be set when the rule is created. However, they are only
> set for a small number of your rules. This also means that FindDaily
> or FindWeekly rules would not have worked correctly for you either,
> the intervals would not have started at the right day or time.
> As a guess, I tried MythWeb and these fields were not set. Is it
> possible that you set most of your rules through MythWeb?

Yes I did - have the changes not propagated there yet?


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