[mythtv] truncated pvr-500 recording... "select timeout"

Jack Perveiler perveilerj at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 8 01:36:35 UTC 2005

Hi.  I'm using r7386 and things are going mostly well (I have problems, but the
discussions on this list sum them up pretty well).  Tonight I got a truncated
recording off of one of my pvr-500 tuners, though.  Here's the relevant portion
of the backend log:

2005-10-07 18:59:52.370 TVRec(2) Error: HandleStateChange(): Null transition
None to None
2005-10-07 18:59:52.391 TVRec(2): Changing from None to RecordingOnly
2005-10-07 18:59:52.509 Channel(/dev/video1)::SwitchToInput(in 6): Error -1
while setting video mode 'ATSC' (v2), "Invalid argument", trying v4l v1
2005-10-07 18:59:52.514 Channel(/dev/video1)::SwitchToInput(in 6): Setting
video mode with v4l version 1 worked
2005-10-07 18:59:53.061 Prog title: Good Eats
2005-10-07 18:59:53.293 Started recording Good Eats "For Whom the Cheese Melts
2": channel 2062 on cardid 2, sourceid 2
select timeout
select timeout
select timeout
(lots more select timeouts)
select timeout
select timeout
2005-10-07 19:30:53.789 TVRec(2): Changing from RecordingOnly to None
2005-10-07 19:30:53.881 Finished recording Good Eats "For Whom the Cheese Melts
2": channel 2062
2005-10-07 19:30:53.882 Reschedule requested for id 0.
select timeout

It looks like the backend knows the correct start and finish time, but the
recording stops at about 24 minutes in (instead of the 30 minutes it should
have recorded).

I don't know exactly when the select timeouts started, and they unfortunately
don't have timestamps on them, so I can't confirm if they started when the
recording died.  Sure seems suspicous though :)

My questions:

1) What is the "select timeout" signifying?
2) Is this a possible side effect of the other issues/open bugs right now?  I
know nobody's logged anything with "select timeout" in it, anyways.  Should I
just log a ticket?
3) Unfortunately this doesn't happen very often.  What backend verbosity should
I run with to catch it if it happens in the future?



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