[mythtv] 2 bugs in mythtv 0.18.1

Jacques Facquet jacques.facquet at free.fr
Fri Oct 7 02:28:33 UTC 2005

Le Vendredi 7 Octobre 2005 03:10, Robin Gilks a écrit :
> I'm certainly interested in the mythfm patch as I've failed
> miserably to get pvr-150mce radio to run via myth although the ivtv
> utils drive it OK. If you don't want to put it onto trac then I'd
> appreciate a copy by email.
I'll do tomorrow, it's 4h25 am, go to bed, sorry.

> Does your patch still require that fake track details be entered
> and then 'scan for new music' to enter them into the music
> database?
Yes, it's just a patch against 0.18.1 version.

> If so, please provide more details (and examples) than 
> the original mythfm patch as I could never get that to work!!
> (assuming that is how it was supposed to work).
Ok, stay tuned ...

Jacques Facquet.

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