[mythtv] Development task list:

David Blain MythTv at TheBlains.net
Thu Oct 6 01:41:45 UTC 2005

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am currently implementing uPNP for
MythBackend.  I am focusing on the Content Directory Service (CDS) first and
plan on making it extensible to allow add-ins the ability to register there
own content to be listed.

I was a little apprehensive about going public with this, but since its #2
on your list...

Once the CDS is working, I want to add a custom MythTV service (if I can't
find a standard device definition for a DVR), that will expose all the
scheduling and DVR features of MythTV.

The one thing that I don't have time to do yet is work on a full
implementation of a RTP/RTSP stack to help stream the content.  For now, I
was just going to use the MythTV:// and possibly HTTP:// res URI's to expose
the content.
Let me know if you have any special requests, otherwise I will just keep
plugging away at it.

Thanks for giving us a list of "Possible Future Development".  It helps
knowing what direction you see MythTv going in.

Thanks again,


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Just wrote up a short list of tasks that I think would be good directions
myth to go in:




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