[mythtv] Development task list:

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Wed Oct 5 22:17:55 UTC 2005

>I'd love to see someone do a "smart remote" app that'd run on a pda.  Two way 
>communication, preview vids, etc.  I've got an Axim x50v just beggin to be 
>put to use like this. =)

Doesn't that run windows...?

Probably it crashes to often to be useful as a remote control  ;-)

Are you familiar with the Xine architecture?  I think perhaps the way 
they have gone by separating the GUI from the player is the right route. 

Consider that we already moved the mythmusic audio code into mythlib.  
Perhaps we should move in the code which plays the audio files as well 
(since it's only a special case of a movie player where there is no 
video!)?  The visualisations can be moved into their own library so that 
they can be shared.  Then the music player quite literally becomes a 
very thin wrapper

Finally add on the MFD style of control where there is a deliberate 
abstraction from the player GUI and the player itself and you suddenly 
have a very interesting architecture for the new Myth (backend, player, 

If we did the same with the TV code (and thereafter everything else) 
then we have a really interesting setup... Not sure how to stream the 
previews to a remote viewer though?

Ed W

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