The mythtv community (was: [mythtv] DVB: no longer paying attention to "Open DVB card on demand"?)

Keith C mythtv at
Tue Oct 4 20:47:22 UTC 2005

> And what should one consult when the HOWTO cannot help?  I was told  
> the
> -user channel and mailing list.  The problem is that these places are
> populated largely by the blind leading the blind, resulting in bad
> advice.

They really aren't that blind.  There's only a few cases where mythtv- 
setup can bork a running backend.  But because there are a couple of  
cases, I think its best for the answer to users is it shouldn't be  
done.  Granted, this answer is specific to your case, but I'm  
assuming that any actually bad advice on the users list would be met  
with swift responses by those who know better.

>> Any advice you get from any source may be incorrect, but I think you
>> are being a bit hasty in blaming developer ego's for bad advice you
>> get from some random user on #mythtv-users.
> You misunderstand.  I don't blame developers' egos for the bad  
> advice I
> received; I blame the person that gave me the bad advice.  I don't  
> even
> blame the developers for creating an artificial divide between  
> users and
> developers.  I simply point out that the developers' attitudes are
> detrimental to the mythtv community.  Specifically, I refer to the
> refusal to offer advice or guidance to anyone that isn't a "developer"
> themselves.

There are some of us lurkers here who do answer users questions that  
are posted to this list, even though we aren't developers ourselves  
(or haven't found our niche to contribute to yet, as is my case).   
Usually it comes with a finger pointing back to the users list, or it  
might be a tad (or more) blunt, but we do try somewhat.

As much as I wish I could, I can't subscribe to the users list.  I  
can't handle that volume and I imagine the real devs can't either.   
And everyone on this list fears that this list could become even  
noisier than it already is and they'll loose their ability help those  
with real dev issues.

Of course, here I am being noisy myself.


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