[mythtv] Automatic zoom to remove black borders for dvb

William Uther willu.mailingLists at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sat Oct 1 13:11:51 UTC 2005

   As I'm sure others will also tell you, there already is a simple  
mechanism for this.  If you hit 'w' then the system will cycle  
between various 'aspect ratio overrides'.  Two of them are 'Fill',  
which zooms in so that the image fills the entire screen, and 'Off',  
which zooms out so that the entire image fits on the screen.  It also  
has a bunch of other settings there which allow you to override the  
aspect ratio in other ways.  There is also a global setting that  
allows you to set the default.  My global setting is "Fill".

   Anyway, if you're still interested in coding, there is still stuff  
there that could be improved (he says without an attached patch :).   
In particular, the current options conflate a few things that might  
be separated: What happens when the aspect ratio of the video stream  
is incorrectly identified, and what do you do when the video aspect  
ratio doesn't equal the screen aspect ratio.  These should be two  
separate controls, but are currently both in the list of options you  
switch between with 'w', making that list longer than it needs to be.

   If the two aspect ratios are not equal then there are a bunch of  
ways to resolve that, but the three main ones are a) Zoom in to fill  
the entire screen (currently 'Fill'), b) Zoom out to see the entire  
image (currently 'off'), and c) stretch the image to match aspect  
ratios.  I'd have 'w' switch between just these three options.  Then  
there should be a second button to allow the system to override the  
video stream aspect ratio: "No override", "4:3", "16:9".  The display  
aspect ratio doesn't need to be set dynamically.

Be well,

Will        :-}

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