[mythtv] Enhanced OSD functionality in tv_play

Steve Adeff adeffs at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 23:54:11 EST 2005

On Monday 28 November 2005 22:36, Bryan Mayland wrote:
> So I've updated my working copy to include support for a multi-level OSD
> when watching TV, and I'm still not completely happy with how it works.
> So I'm thinking the osd behavior could be enhanced to provide a little
> more flexibility.
> The main change I'm proposing is a small and large program info OSD.
> Pressing info displays the small if it is available, pressing again
> displays the large, pressing again hides all info.  If either are
> missing it is skipped.  Here is some pseudocode which sums up all the
> state changes:
> In WatchingLiveTV function, non browse mode:
> On Channel change: hide channel_number, display smallinfo
> On INFO command
>   If nothing displaying
>     If has smallinfo
>       display smallinfo
>     Else
>       display longinfo
>   Else If smallinfo displaying
>     If has longinfo
>       display longinfo
>     Else
>       HideAll
>   Else If longinfo displaying
>     HideAll
> On browsemode activated: Display smallbroswseinfo
> On browse channel change: display smallbroswseinfo
> On INFO command
>   If channel = currentlytunedchannel
>     Use non browse mode logic
>   Else If smallbroswseinfo displaying and has longbrowseinfo
>     display longbrowseinfo
>   Else If longbrowseinfo and has smallbrowseinfo
>     display smallbrowseinfo
> Note that I've put the channum back into each respective osd container,
> since the varying sizes of the containers does not lend itself to having
> the channel number in the same place all the time.  This is the only
> change needed to existing osds to make them work with the new system
> (because only largeinfo will be used if smallinfos aren't present).
> Anywho, I'd be happy to code this up and submit a patch, since I've
> already gotten a good start on it... assuming there are no objections to
> the new behavior.

the only idea I have is that I want to be able to hit the OSD button to see 
the OSD and then again to clear it, especially since I'll mostly only want 
the smaller OSD, with occasional full OSD information. So I'm thinking 
something along the lines of a default OSD level (large or small) with using 
something like one of the directional buttons to change the OSD size while 
its displayed?


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