[mythtv] Questions on how PVR-350 playback works.

Kevin Atkinson kevin at atkinson.dhs.org
Sun Nov 27 12:44:02 EST 2005

I have a few questions on how playback works for the PVR-350, with a eye 
toward smoother fast-forward, rewind behavior in the future.

How does normal playback work.  Does MythTV simply send the mpeg (.nuv)
file unmodified to /dev/video16?

How does fast forward at the first setting (3x) work.  Does it use the 
hardware ability to play MPEG at high speed.  What about higher settings? 
Does it continue to use the hardware (can it even handle it) or does it 
only send it parts of the mpeg file.  If the latter does it attempt to 
parse the MPEG file to pull out the I frames and only send it them or does 
it simply skip ahead in the MPEG file and fixed intervals and have it play 
back small segments?

What about playing in reverse?

Thanks in advance.

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