[mythtv] Live-TV & Recording nightmare

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Nov 22 16:52:15 EST 2005

Stuart Morgan wrote:

>On Tuesday 22 Nov 2005 20:58, Michael T. Dean wrote:
>>Stuart Morgan wrote:
>>>Has anyone else tried to record a programme they are watching in Live-TV
>>>and had problems?
>>What version?  Stable and SVN have very different implementations of
>Latest SVN - sorry thought that was implied but I should have said.
I've wasted far too much time answering questions based on implied 
information that was not correct, so I was just being careful.  ;)

>>The important question here is actually why did it stop recording?  Bad
>>program guide data?  Godd program guide data, but a network that was
>>broadcasting 1 1/4 hours off schedule? ...
>Guide data was fine, network was on schedule and PC clock was perfect. I found 
>the recording had stopped whilst the film was still showing. I was able to 
>watch the last 20 minutes of the film and the guide data had not changed 
>during the showing.
I'll leave this for someone else.  It sounds like--since it only 
recorded the first 45 minutes of the 2-hour show--even though you pushed 
record during LiveTV it wasn't actually recording, so when you left 
LiveTV (or when you changed channel) at the 45-minute point, you stopped 
recording it.  Does that sound like what happened (leaving LiveTV or 
changing channels at the 45-minute point)?

>>Delete and allow re-record simply deletes the file and removes the
>>"recorded" recstatus from the oldrecorded table so that any rule that
>>matches the program--even if using duplicate detection--will record it.
>>If you don't have a recording rule that matches the program, it won't be
>Surely hitting record whilst watching a programme should add a scheduling 
>rule? It may not _have_ to but it should.
next sentence...

>>LiveTV makes a recording rule that only matches the one specific
>>showing--the one you're currently watching.  Therefore, you must create
>>a recording rule for the program.  IMHO, making a recording rule is
>>always a better idea, anyway--that way, Myth may see a later showing of
>>the program and decide to record it in its entirety instead of recording
>>the current partial showing.  Then again, I don't even understand why
>>people watch LiveTV, so I may be^H^H^H^H^H^Hprobably am biased...
>I don't watch LiveTV - I was testing out the changes and happened to discover 
>a film I was interested in. :) Delete and re-record should search for another 
>showing even if the original rule was to record 'only this showing'?
I completely agree.  However, there is no delete and re-record.  There 
is a delete and *allow* re-record...

>Again if it doesn't, then it should.
So, it should create a rule for you.  What recording profile?  LiveTV, 
the profile it used for the one you just deleted?  Is that really what 
you want?

What type of recording rule?  A find once, a find on this channel, a 
record all on any channel, a record all on this channel, a daily or 
weekly timeslot...  If we do a find once (because that's probably close 
enough to the LiveTV single recording), Myth may record a different 
episode of a series than the one you just deleted--which would result in 
a flurry of "it doesn't work" e-mails.

What priority?  The LiveTV recording you just deleted was very 
high-priority (higher than the highest priority).  What recording 
group?  What duplicate check method?  What start-early and end-late 
settings? What ...

And, even if we make some assumptions which are valid for LiveTV-like 
recordings, they won't apply to recordings you "delete and re-record" 
that weren't made using LiveTV.  So, maybe we should just take the 
recording rule that was used to record it and reinstate it.  Well, what 
if the rule used is still active.  If active, we could do nothing, but 
there's no guarantee that it would ever match again (i.e. if the 
recording were created with a custom recording rule that specified a 
starttime before the current time, it will never match again even if 
it's still active).

OK.  Since we have all these issues, maybe it should make the user 
specify all the appropriate settings.  Hmmm.  Where could they specify 
that information.  I know, we could have them create a recording 
rule...  Wait a minute.  ;)

So, in summary, there are a lot more issues involved with just making a 
new recording rule because I said, "re-record" than you may have 
considered.  That's why it's "delete and allow re-record" instead of 
"delete and re-record"--re-recording the show is allowed, so it will be 
re-recorded /when/ you decide to create a recording rule for it.

That being said, it's possible that some translations may not be this 
"grammatically precise," and MythWeb definitely says, "Delete + 
Rerecord", but it's the same functionality just with an "abbreviated" 
wording due to space constraints. This could be alleviated by making a 
new row for Delete (with everything else spanning two rows except the 
thumbnail, which spans three) and making "Delete and allow re-record" 
span the 2nd and 3rd rows, but I think Chris wanted Delete to be the 
"bigger" of the two "buttons."


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