[mythtv] Myth over slower links

Nathan Allen Stratton nathan at robotics.net
Fri Nov 18 22:01:56 EST 2005

On Fri, 18 Nov 2005, Robert LeBlanc wrote:

> Now that I've got my Fiber service to my house with up to 10 Mb up/down
> rate, is myth able to stream video at these speeds and how would I go
> about configuring the system to do it.

I have been playing around with MythStreamTV, but there has not been any
work on it since Feb, has limited transcoding ability, and I am not a big
fan of using VLC as the server. I can however using it to stream over my
256 cable modem.

I have been looking at mpeg4ip, I am no programmer so will need to find
some help, but I would like to be able to transcode to MPEG4 3GPP to low
res mobile devices and normal SD 3 mpbs video. Actually I am looking for
programmers that can write a residential mpeg4 based VOD system. I think
Myth has what it takes to become this, but it may be faster to start with
something else.

A system could even support user by user transcoding to their link speed
using someting like a Convedia box.

Nathan Stratton
nathan at robotics.net

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