[mythtv] MythGame new RomDB commit

harywilke harywilke at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 16 17:33:22 EST 2005

On Nov 11, 2005, at 4:01 AM, harywilke wrote:

> On Nov 11, 2005, at 3:04 AM, harywilke wrote:
>> On Nov 11, 2005, at 12:57 AM, Greg Estabrooks wrote:
>>>> romdb from the command line with 'mysql -D mythconverg -u mythtv -p
>>>> < ./romdb-2005-1101-01.sql', then go back to mythtfrontend/setup/
>>>> mythgame and scan for my games. correct?
>>>  Correct.
>>>> also on the mythgame setup screen if i 'clear rom metadata' do i  
>>>> have
>>>> to reload the romdb.sql? or does this just clear any rom metadata
>>>  That is only referring to the current data that is stored about  
>>> each
>>> of your games and does not touch the romdb table at all.  It  
>>> basically
>>> allows you to "start from scratch" with regards to your game list.
>>>  Currently it wipes everything from gamemetadata.
>> ok thanks.
>> I'm getting some strange results. I have a bunch of xmame roms,  
>> that i just scanned in with "Indepth Game Scan" checked on. when i  
>> go to play them, only about 50 of them have been sorted into  
>> genres and even then a few of them display "UnknownMAME" as the  
>> genre. for example. i navigate down to - By Genre/Ball & Paddle/ I  
>> find one game, when i select it the information displayed is  
>> System: xmame, Year:19xx, Genre:UnknownMame, Favorite:No This  
>> seems strange since it is actually sorted into a genre in the  
>> display. Where can i look for clues as to what is going wrong?
>> -hary
> i did a little digging with phpMyAdmin and i'm seeing different crc  
> values in the romDB and what the Indepth scan recorded. Is there  
> anything i need to do to prepare my roms for being scanned? or any  
> ideas why i would be getting different crc values?
> Also i think might have found what is causing the Genre:UnknownMame  
> yet still sorted problem. I have a couple roms of different  
> versions of the same game. one got a crc match and the other did  
> not, now they have the same gamename value. perhaps this is where  
> the confusion comes from? if so wouldn't it be better to use the  
> crc value as the key to retrieving information to display? I'm no  
> coder, so perhaps that's not what is happening here.
> -hary

Unfortunately i can not get the new RomDB to work for me. I have a  
ton of roms and only a very few get recognized and even then with  
mixed results. Has anyone else had success with it?

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