[mythtv] New MPEG2 commercial-cut code ready for testing

Adam Egger mythtv2005 at bdam.de
Wed Nov 16 16:46:00 EST 2005

On 11/16/05, Geoffrey Hausheer <mythtv0368 at phracturedblue.com> wrote:

> This is odd.  1st I really need to see your full command line, as you
> appear to be applying a commercial-cut here, but I don't know what you
> actually chose.

It doesn't make a different if I use -c or not. It always crashes:
./mpeg2fix -i /big/myth/record/Stromberg\ -\ 2005-11-06\,\ 10-19\
AM.mpg -o ./Stromberg.mpg -c "0 - 4065" -c "35067 - 47846" -c "55701 -
62226" -d 4

It crashes with all files I've tried so far. So it's not just this one.

> 2nd, while this debug is more interesting, it isn't very enlightening.
>  There is really no way that I can see to get a double free on the
> codecContext (the free atline 956), which implies, perhaps, a stack
> overrun.  I wonder if this is a segfault from libavcodec similar to
> what Bryan saw.  What version of SVN are you running?
> You could try setting a break point at line 939 (at the
> avcodec_encode_video call) and doing something like this before and
> after the call:
> print c
> print outbuf
> print picture
> print out_size
> print outbuf_size
> print *c
> print *picture

Haven't tried this so far. I'm running the most current SVN compiled
with --enable-proc-opt.

> if any of the 1st 3 are different (the 0x????????, not any data
> afterwards), that is definitely stack corruption.  The 6th and 7th
> commands will dump out a lot of text.  I'm not particularly interested
> in the values, but you should spot-check that there are no whacky
> numbers.
> after that step through and ensure that it still dies on the 'free(c)'
> You could also try disabling all SSE, SSE2, etc by adding something
> like this at line
> 938 (before the encode_video call):
> c->dsp_mask = 0xffff;
> recompiling and rerun.

No difference, still crashing. I'm using a 64bit CPU (but a 32bit OS-
Debian sid). Are you sometimes in #mythtv-users/#mythtv? It could be
easier to find the solution via IRC

Adam aka beavis

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