[mythtv] New MPEG2 commercial-cut code ready for testing

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Wed Nov 16 09:51:03 EST 2005

Geoffrey Hausheer wrote:
> On 11/16/05, Tom Lichti wrote:
>> root at mythtv:~/test/mpeg2fix-0.11# make
>> g++ -g -O0 -fno-inline -fno-default-inline -o mpeg2fix mpeg2fix.o
>> helper.o replex/libreplex.a -L./libavformat -L./libavcodec -L./libavutil
>> -L./libmpeg2 -L./replex -lmythavformat-0.18 -lmythmpeg2-0.18 -lreplex
>> -lpthread -lqt-mt -lm
>> /usr/local/lib/libmythavcodec-0.18.so.0: undefined reference to
>> `XvMCLoadQMatrix'
>> /usr/local/lib/libmythavcodec-0.18.so.0: undefined reference to
>> `XvMCSyncSurface'
>> /usr/local/lib/libmythavcodec-0.18.so.0: undefined reference to
>> `XvMCFlushSurface'
>> /usr/local/lib/libmythavcodec-0.18.so.0: undefined reference to
>> `XvMCBeginSurface'
> I can't help you with these (except to say that they'll go away once
> the code is part of myth).  you need to add -lXv (or something) to the
> LIBS line in Makefile.  Since I don't use Xv, I don't know which
> library you need.
Well, I compiled and installed a separate copy of latest SVN, but it is 
still looking at the older libmythavcodec. I installed to 
/var/lib/mythcvs/latest/install, but the error shows it going to my 
regular /usr/local install path.

I'm going to recompile my old version without XvMC and see what happens...


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