[mythtv] MythTV for PSP

Jochen Kühner jochen.kuehner at gmx.de
Wed Nov 16 04:00:21 EST 2005

Hello, I've currently started a project to bring some of the MythTV
functionality to the Sony PSP.

I use some of the sources of the OpenSource PDF Reader bookr as a start.

With this I try to build a configurable GUI. But firstly I'm going to
Implement Network support so that the MythTV Program Scheudler and other
Parts can be used.

The Next Part is the to implement a Strea Playing Video Codec on the PSP and
stream Recordings from MythTV to the PSP (For testing with MythStreamTV,
later is it planed to include streaming support to the official Mythbackend)

I have a few questions about the currently inner workings of MythTV:

The Recordings are not Streamed to the Client, or are They? Is the Live TV
Streamed to the client over Myth?

I have also a Homepage for my project, but it is in german!

If anyone will help, feel free to contact me.

A Demo, which will show communication with the mythbackend will be aviable

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