[mythtv] MuthMusic player

Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Mon Nov 14 04:15:46 EST 2005

Robert LeBlanc wrote:
> I’ve decided to set-up MythMusic since I finally got it compiled and 
> moved over my 11GB of songs from my Windows box. What player is 
> MythMusic using to play the files? A number of the files play at half 
> speed and only show one audio channel. Mplayer plays them fine as well 
> as Noatun. I was not able to find a place to specify the player. I think 
> the songs that I ripped from CD using iTunes are the only ones showing 
> this slow play in MythMusic. Songs ripped and compressed before I 
> started using iTunes seem fine.

MythMusic uses it's own built in decoding/player system, so there is no 
external player.

Are the files all AAC files? If so then the problem is with the AAC 
decoder or the faac/faad libraries...



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