[mythtv] Can't use MythTV after svn Help

Steve & Laurie Sanders slsanders at colfaxnet.com
Sun Nov 6 12:45:32 EST 2005


Yes, I can watch recordings now and they still freeze. I am running the
stable branc now (release-0-18-fixes). I don't know where to begin looking
for the cause. The system is very stable otherwise. When the playback freeze
occurs I can resume play by pressing ff then play. This resumes playback 1-2
seconds prior to the freeze and continues. The freeze occurs randomly
sometimes several minutes, sometimes > 30 minutes.


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Steve & Laurie Sanders wrote:

>Related to all other what stuff? before I updated to svn I was running
>0.18.1 from rpms and it was working well except for occasional freeze
>playback, live tv OR pre-recorded. I was only upgrading to try and fix this
>last little glitch. How do I go about reverting to a svn of a particular
Related to the changes made to LiveTV, but if you had that problem
before you updated to SVN, then I'm not sure. Can you watch recordings
now, and do they still freeze?

As for how to revert to an older version....I'm not sure, I've never had
to do it, but I believe you would just check out a particular revision
and then compile/install that.

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