[mythtv] Re: [mythtv-commits] mythtv commit: r7763 by kkuphal

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Nov 5 22:53:27 EST 2005

Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> Bruce Markey wrote:
>> This was absolutely deliberate. Later means 'the scheduler
>> decided it may be best to postpone this so hit "Record anyway"
>> if you'd rather have this ASAP'. Earlier means 'who gives a rats
>> ass, it's going to record earlier anyway'.
>> States like rsInactive, rsLowDiskSpace, rsLaterShowing, etc.
>> are active font to tell the users that it coudda, shouldda,
>> wouldda record and the user may want to do something about.
>> rsPreviousRecording, rsEarlierShowing, rsRepeat, etc. is
>> just trivial crap. The show has been or will be recorded
>> and this is all just 'oh, by the way...'. It could be said
>> that a Later is going to record eventually but I actively
>> look for Laters to see if things shuffled around the I'd
>> most prefer.
> This seems entirely contrary to the intention.  If you want to draw 

But, but, but, it was my intention all along until you changed it =).

> attention to something that the user may want to take action on, it 
> should be in a font *other than* the font that all the normal recordings 
> are in.

Yes, that is how it's suppose to work. Can I assume that you have
been using the MythCenter that you checked-in? Because it doesn't
handle the distinction between record_font, recording_font and the
active font. The things that are rsWillRecord are supposed to
be in a color to distinguish "normal recordings" in, say, green.
Recording in progress in red or purple and things are not slated
to record but should be seen in white.

If you've been MythCenter, see any other theme. You'll see on the
conflict page (proglist, Recording Priorities, etc.) that things that
will record are clearly marked. Things that are not going to record
but should be shown are white and easily distinguished such as rules
with no recordings scheduled on the Recording Priorities page.

Actually, I was fixing some problems with MythCenter earlier today
and just finished tinker with the record_font and recording_font.
Also, menus six items, respace the menu layout to look a little
more balanced, action area and text area safe, and... the truly
odd choice of using a brown and orange qtlook with a blue theme
with green highlights (I thing the guy didn't know what to do other
than take the G.A.N.T. qtlook.txt file =).

Anyway, here is what I have so far.

--  bjm

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