[mythtv] Can't use MythTV after svn Help

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Sat Nov 5 12:40:39 EST 2005

Steve & Laurie Sanders wrote:

> BUT I can not view live tv anymore and I can not see any of my 
> recordings! The only thing I can find unusual is on the system info 
> page I have some strange stuff:
> ****************
> myth 0.19.20051104-1
> Disk usage on UNKNOWN_COMMAND:
>                       UNKNOWN
> 0 minutes left, using recording profile "HDTV"
> 0 minutes left using your typical recording profile
> ********************
> I only have OTA std definition television. Is my database destroyed? I 
> still have lots of nuv files in /video but when I try to watch 
> recordings I see none available When I try to watch live tv clicking 
> on the menu just blinks the watch tv link but does nothing, does not 
> even leave the menu.
> If I should be posting somewhere else please let me know. I am dead in 
> the water rigth now. Does anyone know how to get me back up again? I 
> can do any kind of debugging with instructions provided.

You updated at exactly the wrong time, unfortunately! The head 
developer, Isaac Richards, comitted some major changes to Live TV 
yesterday which meant he actually completely disabled the function. I 
know there were a bunch more commits last night/today, and it looks like 
LiveTV is somewhat working again, but I'm going to waita few days to see 
what comes out of it.

As for your recordings being gone, between your 18.1 version and current 
SVN they changed the file naming schema to be a bit more informative. 
However it's not backwards compatible in that it won't read the old 
filenames (it can still read the files themselves, however). I believe 
there is a utility in the mythtv/contrib directory that will rename the 
files to be correct for the new version but I don't recall what it is. 
You may have to do some searching int he mailing list archives to find it.

If you can live without Live TV, I'd wait it out, but since it's not 
working anyway you could just update to latest SVN again and it may work 
for you. You can always go into the guide and start a recording manually 
and then go to the recordings screen to watch it. Kind of a pain, but it 
will work.



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