[mythtv] mutliple storage directories idea... ?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Nov 2 13:15:33 EST 2005

On 11/02/05 13:00, Steve Adeff wrote:

>Another reason to have improved multiple storage directories support. The perl 
>script is a nice start, but not what I would consider a proper solution. I 
>wish I could help actually code an improved version, but all I can offer are 
>ideas... That said, I do have some questions about how the script and 
>database operate:
>1. I don't understand the requirement for transcoded shows that remain in the 
>recordings database be .nuv as opposed to say .avi? is this purely a naming 
>convention issue or can the MythTV playback engine not able to play avi 
The ".nuv" extension is no longer a requirement in SVN.  The SVN version 
will use a ".mpg" extension for MPEG recordings (i.e. PVR-x50, DVB, 
etc.) or a ".nuv" extension for software-encoded recordings (MPEG-4 or 

There has been some work to play back other file formats (including 
AVI), and it works as well as the "Internal" player in MythVideo.  Note 
that the SVN version has some significant improvements to this 
capability over 0.18.

>2. why can't the database contain not just the file name but also the 
>directory under which that file is contained? Would this not eliminate the 
>need for the symlinking? Consider the fellow that said he had 300+ Simpsons 
>recordings. Wouldn't it make some sense if he could place them all 
>in /blah/blah/Simpsons and then have the database look for the files there 
>via a directory entry than having to have 300+ symlinks in his normal 
>recording directory?
We're nearly there in SVN.  We have support for including "subdirectory" 
names in the recording filename (where subdirectories are relative to 
the recordings directory).  However, there are still several places in 
the code that strip directories from the name.  I keep telling myself 
I'll patch this, but my HDTV upgrade has been a much higher priority for 
me...  :)

>This, it would seem, would be a first step in multiple recording directory 
>support. Sure the algorithms for where to place the next recording could be 
>worked out later, but it would seem that the perl script currently used could 
>be simplified to just moving the file and placing the new directory in the 
>database for that recording.
Almost there...


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