[mythtv] corrupt on screen display

Johnny Graettinger johnny531 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 16:00:07 EST 2005

Hey all,

I've been successfully running r 7020 for some months now, and just
last night updated and rebuilt HEAD. Much impressed by the
improvements to tuning and seeking, especially for HD.

Two issues:

The first is that the basename column in table 'recorded' was not
appropriately updated. This was a pretty easy manual fix, but thought
I'd point it out.

Second, the on screen information which appears during playback (ie,
by pressing 'i', or fast forwarding) is corrupt. I observe a series of
slightly angled lines spanning the width (and most of the height) of
the display. The lines are consistent with the intended dialog,
however. ie, pressing i to switch from position to current time
reveals another different, but consistent, configuration of lines.

I'm running an nvidia 6600 with 7676 version drivers, which is a bit
confusing as I'm sure there are many with this configuration.

Debugging this is a bit tricky as there are no other side effects-
playback continues perfectly under the corrupt OSD, and there are no
log anomolys. I've started looking through SVN for significant diff's
from 7020:HEAD, but any pointers would be appreciated.

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