[mythtv] DVD-T UK xmltv ids

Ian Armstrong mail01 at iarmst.co.uk
Tue May 31 08:19:17 UTC 2005

On Sunday 29 May 2005 13:38, Charlie Brej wrote:

> BTW. Has any one else found the radio times guide for TMF is not what is on
> the actual TV? There must be a difference in the schedules between Sky and
> Freeview.

I remember when the Freeview EPG was first rolled out, there were a few 
differences between it & the Radio Times listings for TMF. Sometimes RT was 
right, but other times the Freeview EPG was right.

A quick check of the current listings for TMF brings up a couple of 
discrepancies, with the first obvious difference being on 2nd June @ 23:30, 
when there is a title difference. RT & Sky have 'A2Z: Nick and Jessica', 
while Freeview has 'Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica', though a glance at the 
description suggests it to be the same program.

However, jump forward to 4th June @ 02:00 and both the Freeview & Sky EPG 
match, with the RT listing being the odd-one-out. They all agree on the 
program 'The Rise & Rise of', but disagree with the 'celeb'. RT has Jennifer 
Lopez, while Freeview & Sky have Britney Spears.


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