[mythtv] [PATCH] DBOX2 Feed Implementation 2005-05-10

John McEleney john at netservers.co.uk
Mon May 30 12:10:39 UTC 2005

Hi all,

Thanks for that Andrew. I'm gradually gaining a greater understanding of 
what's going on. I suspect that the reason that I'm not having much 
success might have something to do with the versions of Neutrino I've 
been trying. I'm guessing that this patch is not compatible with either 
Sportster 1.61 or Next-Generation g5401. What version of Neutrino are 
you running?

mythbackend is successfully doing the following:
1. Retrieves the channel list
2. Works out which from the channel list which channel ID matches the 
default channel I've given it.
3. Switches channel (on the dbox) to the default channel that I've given it.
4. When not in WatchingTV mode, polls the small group of channels I've 
listed in mythsetup

Things go wrong when it tries to grab the TS stream. I've verified by 
querying the web interface myself that the pids it retrieves are right. 
This is what I get in the mythbackend.log file:

2005-05-30 12:52:41.035 Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
2005-05-30 12:52:41.040 TVRec::SetupRecorder() Initializing DBOX2 on 
Host: 192.1
68.28.8, Streaming-Port: 31338, Http-Port: 80
2005-05-30 12:52:41.041 DBOX#1: Instantiating recorder.
2005-05-30 12:52:41.042 DBOX#1: Recorder now online. Deactivating EPG scan
2005-05-30 12:52:41.044 DBOX#1: Channel instantiated.
2005-05-30 12:52:41.045 DBOX#1: Channel destructed.
2005-05-30 12:52:41.048 DBOX#1: Channel instantiated.
2005-05-30 12:52:41.049 DBOX#1: Channel destructed.
2005-05-30 12:52:41.050 DBOX#1: Initializing Host:, 
 31338, Http-Port: 80
2005-05-30 12:52:41.051 DBOX#1: Retrieving PIDs from
2005-05-30 12:52:41.085 DBOXEPG#1: EPG received. Parsing 338 bytes...
2005-05-30 12:52:41.092 DBOXEPG#1: EPG parsing done. Got 2 shows for 
channel 7.
2005-05-30 12:52:41.095 DBOX#1: EPG finished. Recorder still online. 
g EPG scan
2005-05-30 12:52:41.098 DBOX#1: Retrieving PIDs succeeded. Parsing...
2005-05-30 12:52:41.099 DBOX#1: Opening pids 7941 (0x1f05) 8101 (0x1fa5) 
8149 (0
2005-05-30 12:52:41.102 DBOX#1: Sending Request 'GET /1f05,1fa5,1fd5 
2005-05-30 12:52:41.103 DBOX#1: Creating PAT for PMT pid -1.
2005-05-30 12:52:41.193 DBOX#1: No TS header.
2005-05-30 12:52:41.420 DBOX#1: TS header at 42, not in sync.
2005-05-30 12:52:52.423 Changing from WatchingLiveTV to None
2005-05-30 12:53:07.421 Couldn't read data from the capture card in 15 
2005-05-30 12:53:07.423 DBOX#1: Recorder now offline. Reactivating EPG scan

I suspect that the last the "TS header at 42" line might contain the 
clue. Can anyone shed any light on this?


Andrew wrote:

>On Monday 30 May 2005 01:08, John McEleney wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I've managed to build Myth with this patch, but cannot get the channels
>>working. I've added my Dbox2 as a capture card, I've created a Video
>>Source and added just one channel to it. I then associated the Dbox to
>>this video sources in the "Input Connections" section. The Dbox is has
>>spts turned "on".
>>When I open mythfrontend, and "Watch TV" I see flashes of the channel
>>currently selected on the  Dbox. It occasionally shows a few frames of
>>jerky video and freezes again. Maybe it's constantly trying to switch
>>channel and failing? I'm must be missing something really obvious, but I
>>can't see what. How am I supposed to generate a valid channel list? Can
>>anyone help?
>>mythtv-dev mailing list
>>mythtv-dev at mythtv.org
>In the channel editor in mythtv-setup, the channel name must be exactly as it 
>appears on the dbox2, including case. The channel number must much the 
>channel name on the dbox2, the frequency id on the seccond page of the 
>channel editor must have the same number as the channel on the dbox2.
>The callsign can be whatever you want, im not sure if the channel number must 
>be the same as on the dbox2 but I know the frequency id must be, I just set 
>both to the same number.
>I have it working reasonably well, but sometimes I get no picture after a 
>channel change, exiting and re entering live tv brings it back.
>Hope this helps.
>mythtv-dev mailing list
>mythtv-dev at mythtv.org

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