[mythtv] [PATCH] DBOX2 Feed Implementation 2005-05-10

John McEleney john at netservers.co.uk
Sun May 29 15:08:43 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I've managed to build Myth with this patch, but cannot get the channels 
working. I've added my Dbox2 as a capture card, I've created a Video 
Source and added just one channel to it. I then associated the Dbox to 
this video sources in the "Input Connections" section. The Dbox is has 
spts turned "on".

When I open mythfrontend, and "Watch TV" I see flashes of the channel 
currently selected on the  Dbox. It occasionally shows a few frames of 
jerky video and freezes again. Maybe it's constantly trying to switch 
channel and failing? I'm must be missing something really obvious, but I 
can't see what. How am I supposed to generate a valid channel list? Can 
anyone help?


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