[mythtv] dvb zero length record

Tj NG htpc at treblid.dyndns.org
Fri May 27 14:49:29 UTC 2005

Tom Hughes wrote:

>The Twinhan cards don't report BER or UNC values but Myth ignores 
>the EOPNOTSUPP that the ioctl returns and uses whatever garbage
>value is in the variable.
>My patch zeroed those values before the ioctl's to avoid this.
Pardon my english, I have to type this rather quickly....

I added a debug message ("DVBChannel:SetPMT slot called") in the SetPMT 
slot, thus this debug message should appear immediately after a 
"Multiplex Locked" is printed (at least hopefully within that 3000 
loop), but it doesn't when it failed (See log below)..

The only place where SetPMT is called is when a NewPMT signal is emitted 
in SIParser::CheckTrackers(). Somehow the Table var is not built 
properly (or maybe its built from corrupted DVB data?), and when that 
happens, SetPMT will not be called, and there's a function inside SetPMT 
(ChannelChanged) which isn't called, and so the tuning will fail... At 
least that's what I think its happening, pple with DVB knowledge got any 
ideas what's happening here?

In the meantime, I have turned on SIPARSER and thus have to wait for 
perhaps a few more hours for another failed recording to find out how 
SIParser works.....

2005-05-27 16:56:02.706 Started recording "Ten News" on channel: 1017 on 
cardid: 2, sourceid 1
2005-05-27 16:56:02.709 DVB#1 DVB SI Table Parser Started
2005-05-27 16:56:02.799 DVB#1 Using DVB card 1, with frontend DST DVB-T.
2005-05-27 16:56:02.813 scheduler: Schedule Change
2005-05-27 16:56:02.841 Starting message sending..
2005-05-27 16:56:02.858 Ending message sending..
2005-05-27 16:56:02.863 DVB#1 WARNING - Unsupported hierarchy parameter.
2005-05-27 16:56:04.068 DVB#1 DVB signal 5200 | snr 6200 | ber   7e | 
unc b2016390
2005-05-27 16:56:04.070 DVB#1 Status: LOCK.
2005-05-27 16:56:04.073 DVB#1 Multiplex Locked
2005-05-27 16:56:10.098 DVB#1 XXXX: Tuning failed??
2005-05-27 16:56:10.125 DVB#1 Multiplex Locked
2005-05-27 16:56:11.392 DVB#1 DVBChannel:SetPMT slot called
2005-05-27 16:56:11.397 DVB#1 Successfully tuned to channel 10.
2005-05-27 16:56:11.484 Changing from None to RecordingOnly
2005-05-27 16:56:11.484 Starting message sending..
2005-05-27 16:56:11.512 Ending message sending..
2005-05-27 16:56:11.538 DVB#1 Recorder: Card opened successfully (using 
TS mode).

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