[mythtv] MythWifi Remote Control plugin

Femi Veys femiveys at hotmail.com
Fri May 27 01:04:43 UTC 2005


I have made a Remote Control plugin. It is still in an early stage, but
neverethless usable yet.
It is intended for a PDA to be used as remote control using the wireless
network interface. It consists of a plugin and a webinterface.
The plugin uses bidrectional socket communication. So a Java client can be
possible too. For now I have used a webinterface as most PDA's have a
The webinterface is highly customizable as the layout is stored in the
You can find all information and source code on my site:

I hope it can be of use to anyone. Don't hesitate to contact me if you
have any questions.


Arnaud Femi Veys

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