[mythtv] mythtv commits (improperly dropping DVB channels)

Jon Whitear jon at whitear.org
Thu May 26 23:12:11 UTC 2005

>> > I'm still seeing this problem in current CVS, which is making it harder
>> > for me to debug other issues I'm seeing there (namely, I can no longer
>> > skip forward or get length info in SD shows that have been transcoded
>> > recently).
>> >

I'm running CVS from Saturday, and seeing the same issues. I had two
channels that I had renamed (i.e. changed the call signs) for which I now
have duplicates (with the original call sign.) I also have a channel that
seems to lose its xmltv ID every now and then - probably because I've
changed the channel number.

If there's any info I can provide to identify the problem, pleae let me know.

Being a non-coder, I'm a bit wary of modifying code. Was the temporary fix
just commenting out lines 104 and 105, or should I also be looking for
"the SIScan object and associated thread"?!



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