[mythtv] Window border started appearing in recent cvs

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Tue May 24 22:08:13 UTC 2005

>We never calculated borders explicitly, but I tried a bunch of things
>to get this working for everyone that piped up before 0.18. You should
>probably search the archives before touching the code.
>If you really want to get this working you should probably look at the
>code in SDL, see what tuxracer does to get full screen window working.

Cool.  I probably don't have enough time to debug SDL, so I might settle 
for a recommendation on a new window manager which seems to work better 
than FVWM2?  I am pulling down ratpoison now, but I just need something 
which can boot from init and then run an xterm (for debugging) and run 
some startup scripts as it comes up (to disable the screen saver)

Any thoughts?

In the meantime I have added some debugging lines to myth and I will see 
if I can see what's going on.  Best guess is the the top left corner is 
not being set at 0,0. 

By the way I am seeing the same thing in Mythbrowser - the screen is 
offset upwards and left by the width of the window border.  Haven't 
investigated though


Ed W

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