[mythtv] Adding new fields into the database - Happens automatically?

Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Sun May 22 07:24:45 UTC 2005

I'm working on a patch that primarily benefits the
package maintainers, but that I also think would be
useful all around.  The patch is for
enabling/disabling OpenGL vsync within the TV playback
preferences (but, of course, OpenGL vsync must be
compiled in, the code is contained within #ifdef
USING_OPENGL_VSYNC blocks).  This way, packagers like
ATrpms (who already link in XvMC) can link in OpenGL
support, but leave it disabled for those who have
problems with it.  Those of us who prefer me (such as
me) then no longer have to recompile the RPMs for
every release.

Before I create the patch off of CVS (I've been doing
the coding off of the 0.18.1 release), I have a
(probably rookie) question about the database.

Naturally, I need a field in the database to make
things persistent, so I copied the logic of the XvMC
and VIA XvMC code.  I noticed that when I ran the new
mythfrontend binary (with the new libraries), that my
entry, "UsingOpenGLVSync" was automatically created,
with no effort on my part.

I just want to make sure that this is normal, and not
the result of a possible late-night hallucination.  :)
 I'm concerned about this entry being persistent over
version upgrades and such.

-- Joe

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