[mythtv] Programming help.

Jochen Kühner jochen.kuehner at gmx.de
Fri May 20 09:55:44 UTC 2005

I’m currently working on e patch for mythgame to support amiga files.


Now I have a problem.

I very new to C++ so a experienced programmer could solve this fast!



    QStringList rom_extensions;



    QString GameName;

    QString Genre(QObject::tr("Unknown"));

    int Year = 0;

    bool bRomFound;



    MythProgressDialog pdial(QObject::tr("Looking for Amiga games..."),

    int progress = 0;


    for (QFileInfoListIterator it(*List); it; ++it)





        QFileInfo Info(*it.current());


                for (QStringList::Iterator i = rom_extensions.begin(); i !=


                    if(Info.extension(false).lower() == *i)


                        GameName = Info.baseName(false);

                        bRomFound = true;







            cout << GameName << endl;






This procedure get all the amiga disk images. But the Problem is, that I
need only one if the File name is for Exampe: “Giana 01.adf” “Giana 02.adf”
“Giana 03.adf” or “Summer1.adf” “Summer2.adf”.


I need one filename (as best without the number) and a counter how many
files ther are 

Like: fnm = “Giana 0” , counter = 3   Fnm=”Summer” counter = 2


Anyone a Idea how this could be solved very easy???



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