[mythtv] [PATCH] generic libavformat seek support (5)

Mark Spieth mark at dclabs.com.au
Sat May 14 04:42:19 UTC 2005

> Still no joy with the mpeg2 files I tried importing from my old
> ReplayTV, but everything else I have tried has worked very nicely.  I
> have not tried any mov files, but I have tried some xvid and some
> mpeg4 files.
> When I skip forward or backward, the video smears badly for a couple
> of seconds, but then settles down and looks fine.  I don't skip around
> much in these files, so it is no big deal, just wanted to report it
> since mplayer does not have that problem.

I see this with mpeg2 but not avi.

> Don't worry too much about those ReplayTV mpeg2 files, like I said,
> they are probably not well formed.  I can watch them if I have myth
> transcode them into a mpeg4 file.

Id still like to know why. I assume the last file was not one of these. do
you have a short one of these for me to test with?

> As it stands right now, it is very usable and useful.  I have not been
> able to get it to crash.  I hope this gets included into the Myth CVS.
yes I have the feeling that the crashworthiness is better now. a bit more
prompt at the end of the file exiting too.
still need to clean it up of course.

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