[mythtv] Small patch for DVB EPG parsing

Stephan Krings sk-mythtv at chateau-neukoelln.de
Fri May 13 10:49:47 UTC 2005


>>I using DVB-S in Germany with Astra. But I still have to comment out the
>>code in siparser.cpp which is marked with my name.
> <snip>
> Did anyone work out why this wasn't working ? i.e I know what/where
> the fix is, but do we know why we need to do this ?

It was/is working, it was just missing some of the event information. 
The DVB SI spec (EN 300468) states:

"The extended event descriptor provides a detailed text description of 
an event, which may be used in addition to the
short event descriptor. More than one extended event descriptor can be 
associated to allow information about one event
greater in length than 256 bytes to be conveyed."

The present code only extracts the text from the first descriptor. I 
wondered why the program descriptions were all truncated and used the 
dvbsnoop tool to look at the stream. I realized that there are often 
more extended event descriptors present, which carry additional text for 
a program.

My patch just makes sure that _all_ the extended event descriptors for 
the prefered language are taken into account, when building the program 
description, and not just the first blob of text.



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