[mythtv] x86_64 support, Semprons, and HD playback

Chris White cbw at cs.hmc.edu
Wed May 11 18:08:46 UTC 2005

> My current system is VERY close to being able to playback HD content.  I
> just get some audio popping/jittering every 10 seconds or so, more if
> any OSD stuff comes up (like jumping ahead or volume stuff).  I'm
> curious if there is more work being done in CVS to lower the system reqs
> for playing back HD recorded content.

 From my own experience with CVS (built from around May 1), I've gone 
from not being able to run 1080i with kernel deinterlacing (stock 0.17), 
to having it be somewhat comfortable (occasionally glitch when another 
program starts recording, etc.). Also, I'm using libmpeg2 for decoding. 
I'm running at around 90% CPU utilization with that. This is on a 
bartoon athlon xp 2800 with a 333 fsb. My previous sempron 2400+ 
couldn't keep up with 1080i even without deinterlacing. Now this might 
be due to recompiling on my system with the proper optimzations, rather 
than out of the box knoppmyth 0.17. So I guess what I'm saying is that a 
  Sempron 3100+ or somesuch may very well be enough to deal with it....



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