[mythtv] [PATCH] generic avformat seek support (3)

Mark Spieth mark at dclabs.com.au
Mon May 9 01:44:26 UTC 2005

> Version 1 of your patch works pretty well with all three AVI files I
> have thrown at it.  It does not works so well for the MPG file I tried
> to import from my ReplayTV, but that is not surprising since the
> Replay is not know for writing out "proper" mpeg2 files.

thats because this one doesnt use the intrinsic libavformat support. and
only works for avi's
as you saw Isaac is not happy with this one and I can understand why.

> Versions 2 and 3 do not fair so well.  They work fine for one of the
> AVI files, but not for the other two.  For both of the "other two" the
> show length is displayed as being just 2 seconds, and jumping around
I have seen 1 yesterday evening that exhibits this. will track this down.

> in those shows does not work.  Version 2 and 3 also do not handle the
> ReplayTV mpeg2 file.
havent tested with mpeg2 (have none) just mpeg1 ps type files. 3 works ok
with the mpeg1 ps file that Ive tried (1/2 hour ep)
and some avi's (40min ep).

wont need any extra files just yet.
for mpeg2 I may just nuvexport to dvd and test with that. but need to get
avi and mpg support going first.
the other problem with mpg files is that it doesnt seek to keyframes in
libavformat. (yet at least).
I assume this patch will affect how dvd/vcd works/seeks too as it should be
using this functionality if I understand it correctly.

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